Your expenses are divided into categories that you define by yourself.
Each category has name and description.
To easily distinguish between categories each has a color and an icon.


Your expenses are displayed in your primary currency.
But when you are abroad, you may pay in a different currency.
For this scenario Money supports different currencies and exchange rates between them.
Each currency has a ISO/unique code and a user display name.
When you have more than one currency, you can define exchange rates between them.
The idea is that when you exchange some amount to foreign currency, just log the rate with todays datd.
When you use foreign money to pay for something, add expense in different currency, the app will use the rate.


An expense consists of an amount set in a particular currency, an optional text description, a concrete day when occured and is assigned to an one of your categories.
A default view of your expenses is a graph where entries are grouped by a category and displayed per month.
It provides you a quick way to check your expenses in particular month.
This view can be as a pie chart or bar graph.
From the graph view you can navigate to a list of particular expenses in the month.